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Just Eat ft. Snoop Dogg

Client ︎︎︎ Just Eat
Role ︎︎︎ AR design, AR build, motion design, 3D design, compositing 

The global campaign (produced by McCann London) launched across six markets beginning in May 2020 (UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Denmark and Norway) across TV, OOH, DOOH, Social and Radio. I worked on the design and built of a physics based AR lens and social assets including an audio reactive 3D bling as well as 3D design and compositing of bling discount codes into the scenes.

The campaign won the drum social buzz awards 2020 for best integrated campaign.

AR design and build

The lens uses Snapchat’s physics technology which enables the chain to move realistically when the user moves their head.
3 food pendants were made, a burger, a donut and a pizza.

Audio reactive 3D bling social assets

3D bling items reacting to audio track in the assets.
10 assets were made with items such as rings, forks, chopsticks and pizza cutters.

Gold discount code

A 3D gold discount code was composited into the scene